Cinema One Originals’ ‘Maximus and Minimus’ Takes Hilarity and Realism to the Extreme

In the 5th year of the Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival, one finalist stands out for being a comedy of contrasts in size or anything else in between, Maximus & Minimus.

Starring Cai Cortez, Baron Geisler, Mikel Campos, Malou Crisologo, Kimmy Macatlang and Ms. Liza Lorena, this film weaves a story of two different people in size and life’s experience. Maximus & Minimus is a story of a woman’s life which changes when she thought her existence is already fruitful

Max is a fat woman whose life is very gifted. Add to that material affluence. She’s got tons of confidence, a hefty bank account, a hearty sex life. In short, life is sweet to her. But when one day her sex life hits a snag, she starts to doubt many things from the crucial to the trivial, down to her (this time) waistline. As she goes through this problematic process, a separate “size-related” dilemma runs parallel to hers. Her ex-lover Papu contemplates to either look for redemption or wallow in shameful over a bad encounter. This makes Maximus & Minimus a comedy of excess and shortcomings, two things everyone needs to make life meaningful.

Maximus & Minimus is directed by cinematographer Nap Jamir and written by Jimmy Flores. Though this is their first directorial effort, both film-aficionados have already proven their mettle in the industry. 2004 placed Jamir in the limelight when he received the Gawad Urian nomination for Best Cinematography for the comedy-melodrama Bridal Shower of director Jose Javier Reyes. In 2006, he brought home the Best Cinematography for the highly successful independent film Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros at the Gawad Urian. 2007 brought him the FAP nomination for Best Cinematography for the Mel Chionglo drama of impoverished men with underground jobs being strippers-for-hire Twilight Dancers. He wrote the screenplay for Aureus Solito’s provocative drama Tuli (2005) which won awards in the Berlin International Film Festival and Cinemanila International Film Festival. He also line produced and wrote the screenplay of Raket Ni Nanay, which became a finalist in the 2006 Cinema One Originals.

This time with Maximus & Minimus, Jamir and Flores will introduce characters and a movie that’s maximum on entertainment when the 2009 Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival kicks off from November 13 to 17 at the Gateway Cinema at the Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City, likewise continuing the 15-Year Anniversary Celebration of Cinema One for remaining to be the top movie cable channel in the country. The awards night will be held on November 15 at the Dolphy Theater of the ABS-CBN.

Maximus & Minimus, together with Paano Ko Sasabihin, Wanted: Border, Bala Bala, Si Baning Si Maymay at ang asong si Bobo are produced and property of Cinema One and Creative Programs, Inc (CPI).

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