Kris Allen Releases Self-Titled Album

The 8th American Idol, Kris Allen, is releasing his major-label debut album (second overall) on November 17, 2009.

Allen has writing credits on 9 of the 12 tracks on the album, including one solo credit for “Red Guitar”, a song that he wrote prior to participating in American Idol.

Here’s what Preview Alert (Yahoo! Music) said about the songs from the album:

“…big, widescreen adult-alt-pop records reminiscent of VH1 house bands like Carolina Liar, Maroon 5, or Augustana, all full of huge hooky choruses ridiculously readymade for radio. The album is positively teeming with potential hits, and the folks at 19 will have a tough job selecting a follow-up single for the already-released ‘Live Like We’re Dying.’”

In a break with American Idol tradition, Allen’s Idol “coronation song”, “No Boundaries”, was not included on his major-label debut. Instead, a newly recorded version of “Heartless”, covered by Allen during his run on Idol, was included as a bonus track.

This also marks the first time that an Idol winner has been depicted looking off-camera rather than staring back at the listener in their debut album artwork.

Allen previewed three songs from his album “Written All Over My Face”, “Can’t Stay Away,” and “Before We Come Undone” at a Miami Dolphins tailgate-party before their game against the New Orleans Saints on October 25, 2009.

Here’s the track listing of Kris Allen’s album:

1. “Live Like We’re Dying” – 3:32
2. “Before We Come Undone” – 3:31
3. “Can’t Stay Away” – 3:19
4. “The Truth” – 4:40
5. “Written All Over My Face” – 3:34
6. “Bring It Back” – 3:42
7. “Red Guitar” – 4:27
8. “Is It Over” – 3:34
9. “Let It Rain” – 3:29
10. “Alright With Me” – 3:07
11. “Lifetime” – 3:38
12. “I Need To Know” – 3:34
13. “Heartless” (Bonus track, all versions) – 3:42
14. “Send Me All Your Angels” (Bonus track, Walmart version)
15. “From the Ashes” (Bonus track, iTunes album pre-order only)

MUSIC VIDEO LINK: Kris Allen – Live Like We’re Dying

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