Maricar Reyes is Voted the Fastest-Rising Star of 2009

The sex scandal became a blessing in disguise for Maricar Reyes as she is believed by many as the Fastest-Rising Star of 2009 based in Starmometer's recent poll.

Maricar Reyes became a household name after her sex video with Hayden Kho leaked big time last June. She’s been on news headlines and video clips of her sex video proliferated on cyberspace.

It was the biggest nightmare Maricar has ever experienced in her life but after the controversy, a lot of opportunities came her way as she landed big roles on television and graced the cover of Metro and Women’s Health magazine.

Last October 29, we asked the proposition – “Who is the Fastest Rising Star of 2009?” We only narrowed the choices to two finalists – GMA’s Carla Abellana and ABS-CBN’s Maricar Reyes because we believe, these two beauties are the only two showbiz newcomers who shine the brightest.

As expected, the poll became a part of network war between fans of ABS-CBN and GMA. Nevertheless, we believe both Maricar and Carla deserve the title “Fastest-Rising Star of 2009” because both of their careers catapulted in less than six months.

The poll received 2,486 respondents. 2,033 or 82% voted for Maricar Reyes while 483 or 18% voted for Carla Abellana.

In my opinion, both of them should be tied for the title. People favored Maricar Reyes via the poll. But Carla Abellana has a more impressive resume. She has a wikipedia page, she landed a lead role in a primetime tv series, she graced magazine covers, she landed major endorsements – Bench and Happee toothpaste among others, and she’s currently working on her first movie.

Just my humble opinion. 🙂

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