Kids Find New TV Playmates in ‘Kulilits’

Introducing "Kulilits", ABS-CBN's new kids on the block.

Children will once again look forward to Saturday mornings as ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs introduces its newest kiddie show “Kulilits,” featuring the brightest child stars in the nation today.

The “Kulilits” are “Goin’ Bulilit” kid Cha-cha Cañete, 2009 Star Circle Grand Kid Questor Bugoy Cariño and his runner-up, the five year-old Izzy Canillo (CLICK HERE FOR THEIR PICTORIAL PHOTOS).

The three will be hanging out in a playhouse where they will learn different lessons every week from basic reading and mathematics to new songs and dances. More importantly, they will also learn good values because a true “kulilit” does not only have a sharp mind but also a kind heart.

This Saturday (Oct 31), Cha-cha, Bugoy, and Izzy will appreciate the value of helping one another as they create a halloween costume for Cha-cha. The “Kulilits” will also do the rounds for some trick or treat and will even learn a secret magic trick!

So mommy and daddy, join your kids as they count down the days to their first bonding with the “Kulilits” this Saturday (Oct 31), 9:45 am before “Showtime” on ABS-CBN.

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