‘Failon Ngayon!’ Premieres this Saturday on ABS-CBN

Veteran broadcaster Ted Failon brings you stories that will surely leave a mark on every Filipino’s mind and heart as ABS-CBN premieres its newest magazine program “Failon Ngayon!” this Saturday (October 24) at 5:30pm.

Join Ted as he brings the latest news and information as well as extraordinary tales that will give your weekend afternoon viewing a whole new flavor.

The most controversial and most talked about personalities of the week take the hot seat and answer tough questions in “Most JuanTED,” while people get to voice out their opinions as they become the show’s “Isyu-sero.” The respected radio commentator also takes his brave commentaries to television in this segment as he critiques politicians, people in the government, as well as in private and local agencies.

From hard hitting news and opinions, Ted gives you a slice of the lighter side of life as he features out-of-the-ordinary stories and the spirit of heroism among Pinoys alongside peculiar stories which will definitely rouse your curiosity and interest.

Above all, “Failon Ngayon!” will be of service to the public as Ted becomes the bridge for citizens to find solution to their problems.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Failon Ngayon!” this Saturday (October 24) at 5:30 PM on ABS-CBN.

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