Marian Rivera Volunteers for Noynoy

After Kris Aquino summoned Dingdong Dantes to be Noynoy's spokesperson for the youth, Marian Rivera also expressed her support for Noynoy's candidacy.

Kris Aquino is planning to get the top stars of both GMA and ABS-CBN to endorse the presidential bid of his brother Noynoy Aquino.

Marian’s manager Popoy Caritativo is a close friend of Kris Aquino for 11 years. Kris asked Popoy if there is a possibility for Marian Rivera to support Noynoy. Popoy said that Marian brought up the idea beforehand and confirmed that the Darna star is very willing to support Noynoy.

It’s interesting to note that last year, Marian Rivera expressed her gratitude to Kris Aquino after the latter declared in her showbiz talk show “The Buzz” that Marian is the hottest star of 2008. Kris has also defended Marian in some controversies that the top GMA star experienced before the year ended.

Perhaps this is Marian Rivera‘s way of giving back the favor. But the Darna star clarified that she’s doing this not just for Kris.

“Hindi lang dahil kay Ate Kris kaya ko ginagawa ito. Dahil din ito sa nanay niya [former President Cory Aquino]. Kasi naniniwala talaga kami kay Cory,” Marian said.

According to Popoy, Marian Rivera turned down the offers of 2 presidential bets already because she is already committed to Kris’ brother.

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