‘In My Life’ Hits P80 Million On Its 1st Week

After raking P20 million on its first day, the Star Cinema movie "In My Life" had a first week gross of P80 million.

When it was reported that “In My Life” had a first day gross of P20 million, expectations started to pour in that this film could be the second Filipino movie to surpass the P200 million benchmark after “You Changed My Life.” The John Lloyd-Sarah monster hit movie last February had a first day gross of P18 million and it became the first Filipino film to surpass the P200 million mark at the box-office.

And now reports came that the Vilma Santos comeback movie has now earned P80 million on its first week run. P80 million for 7 days is a remarkable achievement already but it’s not enough for the film to go as far as P200 million.

Ai Ai delas Alas‘ movie “Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat” surpassed the P100 million mark on its first week but ended up earning P197 million in its whole run. So the forecast for “In My Life” to surpass the much coveted P200 million in Philippine Box Office has just got a little bit dimmer.

What happened with You Changed My Life was, it became the talk of the town. People who have seen it on first week delivered the news to those who have not seen it yet that’s why the film is still strong on its second and third week of screening. Not to mention that it received a grade of “A” from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) that enticed moviegoers somehow assuring them that it’s an excellent film.

For the case of “In My Life”, the buzz about the film became weaker although it’s still doing well at the box-office as of this post. But it somehow lost the potential to hit P200 million by virtue of its P80 million haul on its first week.

Maybe the removal of the much hyped, much-awaited and controversial (torrid) kissing scene between John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano hurt the film’s box-office potential a bit. And who could believe that the Cinema Evaluation Board only gave a “B” rating to this film that might have given the perception to movie-goers that it’s not an excellent movie, just a good one.

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