Darna’s Friends and Loved-Ones

Meet the characters who will play Narda/Darna's friends and loved-ones in the GMA fantaserye "Darna."

Mark Anthony Fernandez is Eduardo, Narda’s chilhood sweetheart.

Robert Villar is Ding, Darna’s kid sidekick

Celia Rodriguez is Perfecta, Narda’s surrogate mother

Roxanne Barcelo is Narda’s bestfriend

Rufa Mae Quinto is Francesca, Crisanto’s secretary

Eddie Garcia is Padre Mateo, the priest head of the local church

Angel Aquino is the sorcerer who will tell Narda about her calling as the savior of the human race

Ian de Leon is Alfonso, the village policeman

Janice de Belen is Consuelo, Valentina’s mother

Raymart Santiago is Crisanto, the newspaper editor

Ricky Davao is Dr. Morgan, a scientist and the surrogate father of Eduardo

Alfred Vargas is Gabriel, the reporter who is also the biggest admirer of Darna

Polo Ravales is Shiro, a syndicate leader. It’s still unknown if he will become one of Darna’s villains.

Images courtesy of GMA

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