Jinkee Pacquiao – Good Housekeeping July 2009

Jinkee Pacquiao is on the cover of Good Housekeeping July 2009 issue with the following tagline: "Dati wala akong ginagawa kundi isipin si Manny Pacquiao...Natuto na ako, mas matapang na ako."

Good Housekeeping is NOT a showbiz or gossip magazine but the cover is quite intriguing. Jinkee Pacquio saying “natuto na ako, mas matapang na ako” seems to connote that there’s trouble in paradise.

But then again, being the wife of the very influential personality in the country today, a world champ at that, is tough. And wooing girls are not far behind.

Find out in the July issue of Good Housekeeping if Jinkee has revelations about Manny, and some really useful articles, too. Now available wherever magazines are sold.

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