Startalk Claims GMA is the Real No. 1 in Mega Manila

Startalk refuted the report of Showbiz News Ngayon and made it clear that GMA is still the no. 1 most-watched tv network in Mega Manila.

Based on comparative channel performance by AGB Nielsen from January 1 to May 20, 2009, GMA has an average audience share of 40.5% compared to ABS-CBN’s 31.4%. The difference is 9.1 percent.

Showbiz News Ngayon reported last Thursday night that ABS-CBN conquered Mega Manila on May 19, 2009 by virtue of its 40% audience share compared to GMA’s 39%.

SNN based the report from the overnight Mega Manila tv ratings of Taylor Nelson Sofres. But GMA insisted that AGB Nielsen is more credible and based from it’s overnight Mega Manila tv ratings, GMA garnered 42.3% on May 19, 2009 against ABS-CBN’s 34.8%. The gap between the rival stations is 7.5 percent according to AGB in favor of GMA whereas according to TNS, the gap between the two is 1% in favor of ABS-CBN.

Startalk also stressed out that AGB Nielsen is the renowned industry source of tv ratings and there are 19 companies who subscribe to this agency including 2 tv networks, one of which is GMA-7. In contrast, the talkshow emphasized that there are only 2 subscribers of Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), one of which is ABS-CBN.

Video Link: Startalk: GMA is the real No. 1 in Mega Manila

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