Poll: Who is the Best Singer of Philippine National Anthem in Pacman’s Previous Bouts?

There’s something about the singing of Philippine National Anthem in every boxing match of our Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao that brings out the nationalistic spirit of every Pinoy. Is it the way it’s sung? Is it the beautiful composition by Julian Felipe? Is it the anticipation of Pacquiao’s bout that will bring honor to the country? Or is it the artist who interpreted the song?

In Pacman’s previous 10 bouts, all artists that sang the Lupang Hinirang were all female.

They are:

Karylle (versus Oscar dela Hoya)
Ciara Sotto (versus Juan Manuel Marquez)
Nicole Angela Judalena (versus David Diaz)
Kyla (versus Marco Antonio Barrera)
Geneva Cruz (versus Jorge Solis)
Sarah Geronimo (versus Erik Morales)
Jennifer Bautista (versus Erik Morales)
Regine Velasquez (versus Puring)
Lani Misalucha (versus Erik Morales)
Dessa (versus Velasquez)

But who among the 10 interpreters delivered the best rendition of Lupang Hinirang?

STEP 1: Watch all the 10 Artists Who Sang the Philippine National Anthem in Pacman’s Previous Bouts.

STEP 2: Vote for your choice below:

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