Fans Dismayed by Rihanna-Chris Brown Reconciliation

Fans of young superstars Chris Brown and Rihanna expressed their disappointment on the couple's reported reconciliation three weeks after Brown allegedly assaulted her.

Us Weekly reported that the R&B stars were spotted together at the Miami home of hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, and that Rihanna‘s father was supporting her decision.

“I love my daughter with whatever road she takes. I’m behind her win or lose. I will be supportive. If that’s the road she wants to choose, I’m behind her,” Rihanna’s dad Ronald Fenty told Us Weekly from his Barbados home.

Fans reacted in various websites and forums expressing their disgust on the news. Below are some selected comments regarding the issue:

“All the abusive men are celebrating. It sets a terrible example for women everywhere. Rihanna really disappointed me,” Highroller33138 in a posting at

“UNBELIEVABLE! I really hope is not true. She has the responsibility of addressing to her young fans about her decision BUT let them know that what happened to her is NOT RIGHT to accept. Self-respect is one of the most important things to offer in a relationship. No man that TRULY loves a woman, disrespects her. NEVER!” Graceeblue in a posting at

“Stupid, really stupid. … I hate women like this,” ladyofthelake in a posting on

Los Angeles prosecutors have yet to decide whether to file charges against Brown after his arrest on February 8 on suspicion of making criminal threats against a woman.

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