Calayan, Ai Ai, Mariel & Ricky Lo Defend Boy Abunda Against Belo

Sympathies poured in for tv host Boy Abunda after Vicky Belo insulted him on national television.

Last Sunday, Vicky Belo took the hot seat on GMA’s Showbiz Central. In the said program, Vicky made the following statement: If you want to look like Boy Abunda, go to Calayan. But if you want to look like Dingdong Dantes and Piolo Pascual, then come to Belo.

On the Monday episode of SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon, Boy Abunda expressed his feelings regarding the insult made by Vicky Belo in Showbiz Central. Boy’s final statement was: “…Vicki, wala akong ilusyong maganda ako, wala akong ilusyon. Pero wala rin sinumang may karapatang manlait sa aking pagkatao.”

The day after, Boy’s talents Ai Ai delas Alas and Mariel Rodriguez expressed their support to their manager in their respective programs “Ruffa and Ai” and “Wowowee” respectively.

Respected comlumnist Ricky Lo also said his piece. In his article “Isang Pagkondena sa Ginawang Panlalait ni Vicky”, he said: Last Sunday the Doktora showed bad taste by making the offensive tackless, unkind, unprofessional, and uncalled-for remark.”

And finally, Dr. Manny Calayan retaliated to the slur made by Belo and released the following statement via PEP:

“We are behind Boy Abunda, 101 percent. We understand his feelings and reactions to the ridiculing and insulting remarks he sustained from Dra. Belo. Promoting one’s business or services by stepping on someone was uncalled for. Besides, Dingdong Dantes used to be our endorser and part of what he has become came from our services, and so did other of her big named endorsers: Claudine Barretto, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Katrina Halili.

“There’s a simple reason for our ‘TO C TO BELIEVE’ campaign and that’s more about inner beauty that’s from a good and sincere heart like Boy Abunda, which transcends outward a person’s life and touches other people’s lives. And through that inner beauty, we see and believe in the beauty of other people and we believe in their goodness! We accept whoever you are, we make you feel good. That’s the Calayan experience and that’s TO ‘C’ IS TO BELIEVE!”

Video Link: Ai-Ai, Mariel, Ricky Lo and Calayan Defend Boy Abunda

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