Butas (Loophole): The First Indie Film of 2009

Butas (Loophole) is a crime/mystery indie film starring Allen Dizon, Gwen Garci and Marco Morales.

Butas is about the elusiveness of truth in a crime of passion. It’s directed by Alejandro “Bong” Ramos, the one who helmed the award-winning indie film “Haw-Ang” (The Harvest).

Starring in Butas is former sexy actor Allen Dizon as the “weakling husband.” Viva Hot Babe Gwen Garci will play the role of Allen’s unfaithful wife.

Although Butas is a sexy movie, Allen does no undressing in this one. He is focused on making himself a serious actor.

“Tapos na ako sa paggawa ng sexy movie kaya pabayaan na lang ‘yan sa mga baguhan,” says Allen. “I really want to focus on having a more serious acting career.”

It’s newcomer Marco Morales (former member of SOP’s Showboys) who did all the bold scenes in Butas along with Mercedes Cabral who did full frontal nudity in “Serbis.”

Marco’s first movie role was a macho dancer in the Joel Lamangan film “Walang Kawala” where he did one scene of full frontal nudity. In “Butas”, he has no less than 12 revealing scenes showing his manhood.

Also starring in Butas are Dodie Dizon, Dinky Tibon and Froilan Moreno.

Butas (Loophole) will be screened at the Robinson’s IndieSine on January 15, 2009 with a special screening (Director’s cut) at the U.P. Cine Adarna on January 12.

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