Karylle’s Silence Means Marian Rivera is Pregnant?

Karylle's silence on Boy Abunda's question regarding Marian Rivera's alleged pregnancy ignited a bomb that is about to explode.

Karylle’s first appearance on ABS-CBN since she became an official kapamilya was on ASAP. Karylle received a warm welcome from the cast of the Sunday musical variety show after she was happily introduced by her mom Zsa Zsa Padilla.

After ASAP, Karylle occupied the hot seat of The Buzz for the segment “Tough 10 Questions.” She breezed through the first 9 questions of Boy Abunda until she heard the last and most difficult one which was:

“I know you have nothing to do with this pero sabi ko nga kasama ka sa kwentong ito, sa iyong pagkakaalam, Karylle, buntis ba si Marian Rivera?”

Karylle did not reply, kept silent and just smilingly stared back at Boy Abunda.

Prior to her transfer to ABS-CBN, Karylle broke up with her boyfriend of three years – Dingdong Dantes. Since Dingdong is paired with Marian Rivera, rumors abounded that the Primetime Queen is the cause of their break-up.

Karylle, however, denied the rumors and said that only her and Dingdong know the real reason of the break-up.

“I think kami lang ni ‘Dong ang makakalam talaga kung bakit kami naghiwalay. I mean we can explain and explain but it will never be fully sufficient. And I think even to this day, we don’t understand why we broke up. So, parang how can you even explain it to other person?” she said.

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