The Spotlight Turns to Iza Calzado in ‘Obra’

After Katrina Halili, JC de Vera and Sunshine Dizon, GMA will now focus the spotlight on Iza Calzado for the whole month of November.

As with the other Obra stars, Iza will play four characters for the whole month of November. The first character is a woman being possessed by two bad spirits. Helmed by Topel Lee, the episode is entitled “Sanib.” Playing her husband is Ian de Leon.

The second episode is called “Beauty Queer.” Directed by Dominic Zapata, this light-hearted comedy is about a beauty pageant contestant who has beauty queens as her mom and sister, but she’s always a “Thank You” girl. Melanie Marquez will play as Iza’s mom while Carlene Aguilar will be her sister.

The 3rd episode is “Boksingera.” Under the direction of Mark Reyes, Iza will play the role of a female boxer who has a dilemma: pursue the sport as her father’s dream for her or follow her heart with the man she loves.

The 4th and last episode is an action drama entitled “Stella .45.” Iza will play the role of an assassin who wants to have a change of heart. Rico Gutierrez helms this one.

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