Ogie Alcasid Teams Up with Iza Calzado in ‘Dear Friend’

Songwriter Ogie Alcasid is paired with Iza Calzado in a story about looks and the notion of unconditional love.

This Sunday, October 26, Ogie and Iza star in a heartwarming episode of Dear Heart entitled “Debbie and DJ Carlo.”

DJ Carlo (Ogie) and Debbie (Iza) are neighbors. He secretly yearns for Debbie but she always gives him a cold treatment. After a bad breakup with her boyfriend, Debbie feels lost and disoriented. To cope with her depression, she listens to the radio where DJ Carlo works.

After endless conversations, they fall in love but DJ Carlo fears Debbie’s rejection since he knows Debbie won’t like him physically. He dreads the day when they will meet face to face so he asks his friend, Jim, to pretend as DJ Carlo to win Debbie’s heart.

Before long, their secret will be revealed and DJ Carlo will have to face the reality of telling Debbie his true identity and feelings. Will Debbie accept the real “DJ Carlo?” Can Debbie love DJ Carlo unconditionally?

Source: PEP

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