Billy: The Early Years – Movie Preview

Billy: The Early Years is a biopic drama from Rocky Mountain Pictures featuring the life story of popular evangelist Billy Graham.

Bill: The Early Years star Martin Landau, Lindsay Wagner, Jennifer O’Neill and Armie Hammer as the young Billy Graham. Armie Hammer will also play the role of Batman in the upcoming movie “Justice League.”

Gist: A portrait of Billy Graham, the self-assured and charismatic preacher who became one of the most important figures of 20th Century Christianity, against the backdrop of his relationship with Charles Templeton, another gifted young preacher whose faith could not withstand the onslaught of scientific skepticism. Billy’s struggle with the ideas represented in Templeton’s eventual unbelief, and his own faith, went on to change the face of modern evangelism.

Video Link: Billy the Early Years – Movie Trailer

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