Daryl Celis and Kid Camaya Eliminated on Pinoy Idol

The two contestants who had the best performance last night were eliminated tonight on Pinoy Idol. On the other hand, the three contestants who had a mediocre performance last night were announced tonight as the official top 3 idol aspirants vying for the title next week.

Even the site owner of Vote for the Worst Pinoy Idol was disappointed with the results although his [site’s] goal was achieved. This is his last post:

One is a veteran loser in singing contests…
One is the princess of Biliran…
One is the puppethead Bamboo Bamboo Puto Maya…

Tell me, is it still worth watching without the banker there?
This show’s a crap.

Bye Daryl and Kid. You know that people love you much.

Are you satisfied with the results? If you ask me, i’m totally disappointed. My final three overall are Robby Navarro, Kid Camaya and Penelope. My final three, if i were to choose among the 5 remaining contestants, are Kid, Daryl and Jayann.

How about you guys, what do you think?

Video Link: Watch the full episode HERE.

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