‘The Echo’ Premieres in Canada

Yam Laranas' "The Echo" had it's world premiere last July 17 at the Hall Theater in Montreal, Canada.

Hundreds flocked the Hall Theater to be the first people to watch the American version of the Filipino horror movie.

Our very own Yam Laranas received more rave reviews from horror movie critics.

This one’s from Dread Central:

Yam Laranas understood that for an American remake of his Filipino shocker Sigaw to work, there would need to be some changes. Having never seen the original, I’m not sure how much is changed, but I can say that The Echo never suffers from what the worst of those other Asian remakes do: that feeling that you’re watching an Asian film with an English-speaking cast. The Echo is very much its own movie with its own style and pacing, and for that reason alone I’m glad Laranas was able to have a second chance. (Johnny Butane, DreadCentral)

And here’s what Fangoria has to say about “The Echo”:

“Some genuinely scary moments. THE ECHO proves that Yam Laranas has what it takes to frighten an audience.” – Tony Timpone, Fangoria

Source: Yam Laranas Blog

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