The Dark Knight Beats Spiderman, Shatters Box Office Records

"The Dark Knight," the highly-anticipated sequel from Warner Brothers' "Batman Begins", unexpectedly shattered the box office record of Spider Man 3 to be the top-grossing overall box office weekend in US history.

The Dark Knight sold sold $155.3 million in tickets this weekend, surpassing the $151.1 million earned by Spider Man 3 in May 2007, with an estimated $253 million in ticket sales.

The Dark Knight was praised by movie critics hailing the late Heath Ledger‘s performance as worthy of Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Ledger died of an accidental drug overdose in New York in January.

The Dark Knight stars British actor Christian Bale as Gotham City’s famous caped crusader and helmed by Christopher Nolan. The film cost around $180 million and was shot on location in Chicago and Hong Kong.

US Weekend Box-Office
(July 18-20, 2008)

1. The Dark Knight – $158,411,483
2. Mamma Mia! – $27,751,240
3. Hancock – $14,040,178
4. Journey to the Center of the Earth – $12,340,435
5. Hellboy II: The Golden Army – $10,117,815
6. Wall-E – $10,070,396
7. Space Chimps – $7,181,374
8. Wanted – $5,072,805
9. Get Smart – $4,125,021
10. Kung Fu Panda – $1,860,854

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