Poll Results: Codename Asero VS Iisa Pa Lamang, Penelope VS Apple & Daryl VS Van

Find out the results of our open polls: Iisa Pa Lamang VS Codename Asero, Apple VS Penelope and Van VS Daryl.

New shows “Iisa Pa Lamang” and “Codename: Asero” had it’s first week run on Philippine television. But before they had their pilot episode, we asked you which of these 2 shows are you going to watch (and/or you’re currently watching at the moment).

Your verdict:

74% are watching “Iisa Pa Lamang”
24% are watching “Codename: Asero”
2% are watching neither

According to AGB Nielsen, many televiewers in Mega Manila prefer watching Codename: Asero. But nationwide, i guess more televiewers prefer Iisa Pa Lamang. We’ll see.


Pinoy Idol’s Penelope and Pinoy Dream Academy’s Apple Abarquez both sang “Papa Can You Hear Me” by Barbara Streisand. Who has the better rendition?

The Results:

65% are in favor of Apple Abarquez of Pinoy Dream Academy
35% are in favor of Penelope of Pinoy Idol


In the battle of the singing heartthrobs, we asked you who among these 2 is the “total package” – Van of Pinoy Dream Academy 2 or Daryl of Pinoy Idol?

Your Results:

71% are in favor of Van Pojas of Pinoy Dream Academy
29% are in favor of Daryl Celis of Pinoy Idol

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