GMA Films Claims My Monster Mom Hits P25M at the Boxoffice

Yesterday morning, we posted an article entitled "Regal Films and GMA Films Concealing the Box Office Gross of ‘My Monster Mom’?" Today, GMA Films released an official statement regarding the box office gross of the Annabelle Rama movie.

In the recent report of the American website Box Office Mojo for the box office results in the Philippines for July 2 to 6, 2008, the Regal Films/GMA Films movie “My Monster Mom” was not included. This prompted us to call the camps of both Regal Films and GMA Films and asked them about the performance of their movie. But they still have no data at that time.

Many visitors responded to the article with speculations that the alleged absence of the box office results of My Monster Mom was because it was a flop and that the producers are concealing the matter.

Today, according to an interview by Pinoy Entertainment Portal with GMA head of Corp Comm Angel Javier, My Monster Mom earned P25 million on its first five days.

Here’s the official statement of GMA Films regarding the matter:

“GMA Films is happy with and proud of the success of My Monster Mom, the comeback movie of Ms. Annabelle Rama. In its first 5 days, it grossed over P25M which makes it a box-office hit. It is also the number two movie nationwide, second only to the Hollywood blockbuster Hancock.

“But what makes the producers of the movie happier is the fact that we could see that the people who watched the movie enjoyed it tremendously. Those who have actually seen it, have been congratulating the producers and stars.

“The producers went around various theaters in Metro Manila during the first week and we were able to see how much laughter our movie was able to bring to the audience. This is very fulfilling for us. We are sure that Ms. Annabelle Rama is also very happy that she was able to bring laughter to the Filipino viewers especially during these hard times.

“It is very unfortunate that we have been hearing reports that some people have been maliciously trying to spread lies about the movie saying that it is not a hit probably due to their envy of the success of the movie. This saddens us because we have always believed in being supportive of the entire Filipino movie industry. It also saddens us because these people disregard the hard work and effort that everyone involved in the movie put in. Our industry is very small. We should all be happy for the success of everyone in it.

“In the end, however, we know that the true test of the success of the movie is the gross receipts it receives and the level of enjoyment it is able to bring to its viewers. We encourage everyone who have not yet watched the movie to watch it and see how much joy it can bring to them.”

If My Monster Mom has indeed earned P25 million from Wednesday to Monday, we will update the Philippine Box Office report for the said time period to the ff:

Philippine Box Office
(July 2-6, 2008)

1. Hancock – P 45.93M
2. My Monster Mom – P 25M
3. Wanted – P 17.09M
4. The Incredible Hulk – P 3.29M
5. Get Smart – P 1.9M
6. Kung Fu Panda – P 1.56M
7. The Happening – P 1.21M
8. The Hottie and the Nottie – P 0.77M
9. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – P 0.42M
10. Made of Honor – P 0.41M

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