Multiply – The Philippine Launch

Social publishing site Multiply will have its Philippine launch for it's avid Filipino users.

Peter Pezaris, CEO of Multiply, Inc. (, will be speaking at the World Marketing Conference on Friday, June 20, delivering a presentation about the effectiveness of advertising on social networking sites. The presentation will bring to a close a week-long tour of Manila by Pezaris and David Hersh, Vice President of Business Development for Multiply, as part of Multiply’s Philippine launch.

In addition to Friday’s presentation, Pezaris and Hersh will be hosting events for some of the most active users of in the Philippines.They will also be attending various press interviews throughout their week-long stay.

Pezaris and Hersh will also be meeting with the Philippines’ top advertisers at a trade event to be held at the Rockwell Tent on Wednesday, June 18.

An innovator in social publishing, Multiply gives people the ability to share their personal media – including photos, videos, blogs and other content – strictly within their personal network, which includes direct contacts and those connected to the user through real-life relationships. This not only creates the most realistic representation of a user’s social network on the Web, but also instills a sense of privacy, relevancy, and control that is unique to the service. With more than 9 million users posting 2 million photos, 19,000 videos and 55,000 blog entries daily, Multiply is also one of the world’s largest multimedia sharing Web sites and is the fastest-growing and one of the most popular social networks in the Philippines.

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