Gretchen Espina Tops our Pinoy Idol Top 7 Girls Power Ranking

The 7 remaining girls of Pinoy Idol took one step backward with their lackluster performances Friday night, except for one. Gretchen Espina is last in our Top 8 Girls power ranking last week but now she's our no. 1 this week.

1. Gretchen Espina
Try it On My Own by Whitney Houston

2. Penelope
Papa Can You Hear Me? by Barbara Streisand

3. Jeni Rawolle
You Raise Me Up by Andrea Joss

4. Carol Leus
I Turn To You by Christina Aguilera

5. Sue Ellen Cubing
Thank You by Dido

6. Mae Flores
Angels by Leann Rimes

7. Jayann Bautista
I Am Changing by Jennifer Hudson

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