Your Song – Without You – 1st Episode

The first installment of Your Song 'Without You' episode starring Joross Gamboa, Cathy Gonzaga and Victor Basa was aired Sunday afternoon on ABS-CBN. The story started with Bobby (Joross) and his mom transferring to a subdivision in Tagaytay. He befriends his next door neighbors John (Victor) and Jen (Cathy) who happens to be siblings.

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On the first day that he saw him, Bobby (Joross Gamboa) already fell in love with John (Victor Basa). But the problem is Jen (Alex Gonzaga) is in love with Bobby, and the bigger problem is that Jen is the sister of John!

Bobby is a Culinary Arts graduate and the chef of their restaurant. John is a Law graduate who has already taken, and unfortunately, failed the Bar Exams twice so he needs to take it again. Jen happens to be the sweet, caring, and loving sister of John.

Bobby will do everything just to get John’s attention and Jen will not stop until she gets Bobby’s heart. She would always give gifts and bake something for Bobby. Little did they know that they are consulting the same article in a magazine about capturing someone’s heart.

I must say, the script was very good and there were no fillers. The characters were established in the first scenes. The story develops gradually and ended with a cliffhanger that no one could have guessed.

With regards to the actors, Joross is the man! He has no pretensions in portraying a gay role. Cathy and Victor were great too. The three leads have nice chemistry and the camera just loves them.

Although inspired by the movie “Threesome”, the story of Without You is totally different as the three characters are deeply connected with each other. Victor and Bob have feelings for each other, Cathy has feelings for Bob, Victor loves his sister Cathy and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. In the midst of all complications, the characters accidentally find love.

:: Click HERE to watch the complete 1st episode.

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