Housemates Failed in Algorithm Dance, 3 Guardians Evicted – PBB Teen Edition Plus

The housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus were tasked by kuya to perform an algorithm dance to the tune of "One Kapamilya", ABS-CBN's summer theme song. This is their weekly task and they bet 50% of their weekly budget for the said task.

Unfortunately, the housemates lost 50% of their budget for next week as they failed in their weekly task. Find out why.

Click HERE to watch the video.

As part of last night’s program, 3 guardians were evicted live from Pinoy Big Brother house. Teen council Beauty, Jieriel, Kevin and Josef deliberated on who will leave the secret quarters. Of course, they did not choose their own guardians to leave the house (a loophole in this season if you ask me). Instead, they chose to evict Tita Violy (Valerie’s aunt), Mommy Rose (Rona’s mom) and Mommy Jinky (Priscilla’s mom).

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