Urduja – Movie Trailer

Urduja is the second locally-made full-length tagalog animated movie made by world-class filipino animators produced by Tony Tuviera's APT Entertainment with Vic Sotto. This groundbreaking animated film boasts a star-studded voice cast that includes Regine Velasquez as Princess Urduja, Eddie Garcia as Lakanpati, Johnny Delgado as Wang, Allan K as Tarsir, Michael V. as Kukut, and Cesar Montano as Lim Hang. Watch the trailer after the jump...

Urduja – Movie Trailer:

Princess Urduja ancient accounts say, was a 14th century woman ruler of the dynastic Kingdom of Tawalisi in Pangasinan, a vast area lying by the shores of the Lingayen Gulf and the China Sea. Known far and wide, Princess Urduja was famous for leading a retinue of woman warriors who were skilled fighters and equestrians. They developed a high art of warfare to preserve their political state. “These womenfolk took to the battlefields because the male population was depleted by the series of wars which came with the rise and prominence of the Shri-Visayan Empire in the sixth to the 13th centuries,” the accounts said. Strong and masculine physique, they were called kinalakian or Amazons.

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