Jasmin, Zeke, Kian and Wendy Balik-Bahay ni Kuya

Another twist was revealed in the highest rating Filipino reality program (as if meron pang ibang reality program sa ibang channel) Pinoy Big Brother and it's about what's inside the Balik-Bahay Box. It turned out that four evicted housemates Ezekiel Rebuso, Jasmin Engracia, Kian Kazemi and Wendy Valdez are given another chance to enter Pinoy Big Brother house. They will stay in the secret room for now and they will be gradually revealed to the other housemates this week. But only two (2) of them will be truly given a second chance as the other two will be evicted this Saturday. So their fate now lies once again to the viewers' cell phone loads. Sino ang 2 karapatdapat bumalik sa bahay ni kuya? Cast your vote after the jump...

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