Guys and Balls (Maenner Wie Wir) – Movie Review

Guys and Balls (2006) is a German comedy about sports and homosexuality. It's a story about Ecki, a young man who works in a bakery in Dortmund and plays soccer on his local team. Already under pressure for playing badly, his homophobic team-members find out that he is gay and throw him off the team. With the help of his sister and a cranky former soccer star, he tries to form an all-gay football team to challenge his old team in a grudge match. In the beginning, i thought this movie is just another story about a triumphant underdog against all odds. Although i have to admit, i love underdog movies. It's even a cliche in pinoy movies to have an underdog protagonist di ba? And we always know na kahit "inapi" ng todo ang bida, kahit gaano siya sinaktan, ni-reject at pinagtawanan, he will succeed in the end. And i don't care if Guys and Balls is the predictable "happily ever after" kind of movie. It's good, exhilirating and captivating. There's only a few movies that will make you feel good and this movie is one of them. The cast acts so good you won't mind if they're speaking German, the most annoying language. They are so engaging specially Maximillian Bruckner as Ecki who is undergoing a confusing stage of his life. The direction is at par with Hollywood movies, you could almost feel as if you're watching the Mighty Ducks or Rookie of the Year. And what makes this film extra special is the redemptive and universal message of humanity. More screencaps and a video of my favorite scenes after the jump (for mature viewers only)...

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