Jennylyn Mercado is No. 10 Most Beautiful Filipina

jennylyn mercado Jennylyn Mercado (born May 15, 1987) is the ultimate female survivor in GMA 7's first season of Starstruck talent search. Since winning Starstruck, Jennylyn became one of GMA's hottest contract stars.

In the October 14, 2004 episode of TV drama series Magpakailanman of GMA Network, which featured her life story, viewers learned more about Jennylyn’s childhood.

In May 4, 1991, when she was nearly four years old, Jennylyn made headlines as a battered child.

Her assailant was her stepfather. He burned Jennylyn’s young skin with cigarette butts and whacked her back with a flat iron. Her mother, who was then in Dubai working as a domestic helper, immediately came home. Sadly, though, she came not to take care of her daughter but to bail out her cruel partner, who was in detention.

Her mother migrated to London and had her own family. Because of this, Jennylyn’s aunt, Lydia Mercado, legally adopted her.

In June 2004, Jennylyn’s biological father, Noli Pineda, now 50 came home for a holiday. His arrival did not go unnoticed by the press. Reports came out saying that he was asking for money from his now self-sufficient daughter. This, Jennylyn strongly denied. What her father wanted, she said, was for Jennylyn to use his surname.

Still, according to Jen, she and her biological father keep in touch, even if they don’t get to see each other often, since he’s based in Korea.

Because of her experience as an abused child, she is now the Official Spokesperson of the Bata Foundation (Christian Mission Services), a non-government organization that operates with basic funding support from its partner organization Christlicher Missiondienst (CMD) headquartered in Germany, supplementary assistance from two Japanese organizations and a few local groups, with the help of Feed Hungry Inc. and the GMA Artist Center.

Before joining showbizness, Jennylyn was a senior student at the Augustinian Abbey in Las Piñas where she actively took part in school programs.

Because of her hectic work schedule after winning Starstruck, she had to take a leave from school. If given the time and opportunity to pursue her studies further, the young actress has answered that she’d like to take up Mass Communications as a major.

On the April 3, 2004 episode of Startalk, a showbiz-oriented show in the Philippines, Jennylyn admitted that she suffers from a heart ailment which prohibits her from becoming too tired, and overly excited and angry.

A day before her 18th birthday, Jennylyn decided to spend her special day with abused children from the CMSP, distributing gifts and just spending quality time with the children, instead of a grand debutante party.

But the real-life Cinderella cannot escape the life of a princess. MAQ Productions SM Megamall Cinema threw her a belated 18th birthday celebration to coincide with the premiere of her first movie as a leading lady, Say That You Love Me. This was the Philippines’ first ever movie premiere with a birthday debut.

The production company went all-out with the celebration. Insiders won’t give exact figures, but rumor has it that the price tag is in the seven figure region in Philippine pesos.

Jennylyn wore a beautiful gown created exclusively for her by fashion genius Rajo Laurel. Award-winning production designer Edgar Martin “Egay” Littaua also put his unmistakable stamp on the glittery, flowery affair

Mark Herras, Jennylyn’s real-life beau at the time and leading man in Say That You Love Me, escorted his lovely leading lady on her very special evening, together with other young men from Jennylyn’s family, Starstruck, GMA Network, and Regal Films.

Her traditional 18 Roses Dance included the following: Vincent Pineda (Jennylyn’s father), Rainier Castillo, Jake Cuenca, Tyron Perez, Bearwin Meily, Benj Pacia, Dion Ignacio, Christian Esteban, Anton dela Paz, Alvin Aragon, Kirby de Jesus, Kevin Santos, Ken Punzalan, Jay-R, James Blanco, John Prats, Marco Alcaraz, Dennis Trillo, and Mark Herras.

Well wishers included Say That You Love Me director Mac Alejandre and producer Roselle Monteverde-Teo, manager Becky Aguila, Jennylyn’s “Mommy” Lydia Mercado and “Mother” Lily Monteverde. High-ranking executives from GMA Network, including Annette Gozon-Abrogar, Jimmy Duavit, Ida Henares, Marivin Arayata, Lilybeth Rasonable, Reggie Acuña-Magno, Bang Arespacochaga, Darling de Jesus, and Atty. Felix Gozon were also in attendance.

Three hundred guards added even more pomp to the glittery affair, which climaxed with the premiere of the movie in cinemas 3 & 4. Cinema 3 was reserved be for the stars, staff, and special invited guests, while cinema 4 hosted sneak preview ticket-holders. A sumptuous dinner was also prepared for the invited guests.

For those who were not present at the event, the giant plasma screen hanging from the EDSA face of SM Megamall allowed commuters and passersby to see the celebration. There was also a live feed to GMA’s top-rating news program, 24 Oras, that allowed TV viewers to witness the revelry from the comforts of their living rooms.

She became the girlfriend of co-StarStruck survivor Mark Herras but their relationship has now ended. Although the pair may have declared that they have split up, their on-screen team-up bears no signs of breaking down.

Jennylyn was being wooed by numerous men (like actor Jake Cuenca who gave her a dog – Migs – while working with her in the 9th season of Love to Love entitled Miss Match. But all were just rumors.There were also hints that Jennylyn and Mark got back together again but there had also been rumors that she and her former non-showbiz boyfriend, Jigs Cristobal were back together, too. Jen denied all of these saying she has not got back together with Jigs nor Mark. Some sources also said that she’s been courted by Captain Barbell star, Patrick Garcia.

The young singer-actress has stated that none of the rumors are true. She claimed that, at present, she still is entertaining suitors and that her career is her utmost priority.

Now she admitted that she has been going out with award-winning actor, Patrick Garcia. The two had recently been spotted together in one of the country’s finest island, Boracay. Rumor has it that the two is now officially together as confirmed by some of their friends. But the actress-singer neither admit nor deny about the status of their relationship. In one recent interview by Dolly Ann Carvajal of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Jennylyn explains, “”I don’t deny that Patrick inspires me but that is all for now.”

Jennylyn Mercado is voted no. 10 Most Beautiful Filipina.

Source: Wikipedia

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