Survey Says Filipino Men Are Twice More Vain Among Asian Men

A survey conducted in six countries in Asia and the United States showed that Filipino men were twice more likely than their Asian counterparts to value good looks and spend time and money on grooming.


While a considerable number of Asian men felt that looking good was “neither important nor unimportant,” 58 percent of Filipino men thought it was “very important,” according to the survey conducted by global market research company Synovate Inc.

In the survey, 48 percent of Filipino males felt they were sexually attractive, coming a close second to Americans, 53 percent of whom felt the same about themselves.

Only 25 percent of men in Singapore felt they were attractive, 17 percent in Taiwan and in China, 16 percent in South Korea, and 12 percent in Hong Kong.

Synovate interviewed 3,000 men aged 15 to 64 through the Global Omnibus telephone survey. The study was conducted among men from various socioeconomic classes in Manila, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and the United States.

The survey also looked into the motivation behind the men’s pursuit of good looks, and found it was not mainly to impress or attract women.

It was learned that nine out of 10 Filipino men liked to look good for themselves, with only five out of 10 saying they liked to look good for others.

This indicated that Filipinos were more vain than American males, of whom 76 percent said they liked to look good for themselves. Koreans ranked next to Filipinos in wanting to look good for their own sake.

Although the most vain, only 22 percent of Filipino men had “kikay” [personal grooming] kits, as against 85 percent of Koreans who had such kits.


The most popular grooming item for Filipino men was cologne or perfume. Seventy-four percent favored this; 67 percent preferred deodorant; 40 percent, mouthwash; 34 percent, conditioner; 30 percent, gel or mousse; and 21 percent, shaving cream or lotion.

“The findings have a wide-ranging implication for the marketers of … personal grooming products,” Sarthou said. Traditionally, marketers have addressed this market by selling to wives, mothers, sisters, girlfriends. Now, they can go directly to the newly minted beautiful male.


4 Comments on Survey Says Filipino Men Are Twice More Vain Among Asian Men

  1. I think whoever wrote this must have not liked Filipinos- If you look search for “most vain countries” it gives the list of 15 most vain countries
    1:United states
    And so on and so forth but Philippines is NO WHERE near there. You have koreaboos swooining over kroean boys but to foreigners and other people they have really pale skin and don’t find that attractive, most females prefer guys with brown or tan skin as oppsed to Pale and very light skin. But it is in korean culture for males and females to have pale skin. But this post is very outdated. THis was posted way back in 2006. So with the rise of the Philippine economy, im not sure if they want to change their information now. Because Filipinos are known for being very happy and kind people. They aren’t very self centered about themselves especially the lower class filipinos. We give people anything we can to help and we don’t expect anything in return. Maybe Filipinos aren’t the most vain men in Asia cause we have lower standards for beauty. Because Filipinos find kindness attractive.

  2. Yo not all philipinos are the same we look pinoy but doesn’t mean were a dirty looking race and we all are philipino but all of us different , race doesn’t show who you truly are and how attractive you are .They are plenty of handsome men in the Philippines, we are not that expose in the media look up Derek Ramsay. Ajur abrenica,Joseph marcos. All races have attractive men and women it isn’t about race its about yourself what you choose to do eat chocolate and watch tv or workout and eat healthier.

  3. Anonymous // December 6, 2019 at 9:34 am //

    Man, whoever wrote this hates Filipino men. It’s actually the caucasians who are the most vain.

  4. And yet despite what they think they are some of the ugliest guys to walk the face of the earth. Small, scrwany, black, hard dry skin, hairless. They are barely men. Look between their legs or in their bank accounts for the proof. That’s why Filipinas run to foreigners including even the ugly feminine Korean guys who wear makeup like women.

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