Miss Earth Canada is Half-Filipina

20-year-old Riza Raquel Santos is one of the first delegates to arrive in the country for the 2006 Miss Earth Pageant. She caught everyone's attention because she looks exactly like a Filipina beauty queen but her sash says Canada. Actually she's half-Filipina and she's a news reporter in Canada.

Canada’s strategy in sending delegates to international beauty pageants is quite notable. They choose candidates with international appeal or beauties with mixed race in their blood. And it was proven to be successful. Examples are Miss Universe 2005 from Canada Natalie Glebova, Miss Canada World 2005 Ramona Amiri (semifinalist in Miss World 2005), Miss Canada World 2006 Malgosia Majewska (Miss Sports in Miss World 06) and Miss Canada Universe 2006 Alice Panikian (Top 10 finalist in Miss Universe 2006). Their surnames are testament of their inter-racial heritage. Natalie Glebova for instance is half-Canadian half-Russian.

Riza Raquel Santos, a typical Filipina beauty, is Canada’s bet in this year’s Miss Earth and the first time her feet landed in Manila she became an instant favorite. Actually, she’s consistently in the top 4 list of various message boards. Who knows, she might be the 6th Miss Earth! 

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