Alex Gonzaga, Luis Manzano & James Reid to Star in ‘Dear Alex’ the Movie

Alex Gonzaga, Luis Manzano & James Reid are set to team up in the film version of the bestselling book "Dear Alex, Break na Kami, Paano?! Love, Catherine."

Dear Alex

BIZAARE LOVE TRIANGLE. After the surprising team up of Gerald Anderson, Julia Montes and JC de Vera in the romantic thriller “Halik sa Hangin,” another odd team-up will hit the big screen this year as Star Cinema will bring together Alex Gonzaga, Luis Manzano and James Reid for the first time. The movie has a working title “Dear Alex, Break na Kami, Paano?! Love, Catherine,” which is the same title of Alex Gonzaga’s bestselling book. And we know that it’s a comedy movie because at the helm is box office director Wenn Deramas.

“Dear Alex: The Movie” is expected to open in theaters on the third quarter of 2015.

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  1. oipuymnk jv


  2. lasting prinsessa // May 19, 2015 at 12:06 am //

    Nung ininterview daw yung magdidirek dito sa movie ni alex, tatlo daw leading man ni alex gonzaga dito sa movie niyang “Dear alex…” so na confirm na yung dalawa sila luis manzano at james reid? so yung isa sino??? sana si “Joseph Marco nalang sabi raw yung mamakatuluyan si joseph marco nalang kunin!!! #Sephlex

  3. as for me i like alex gonzaga much. im already 30 but i do admire this beautiful lady. she is such a versatile actress, a very funny girl, di pinipilit magpatawa at di nakakahurt ang mga jokes just like luis and vhong. i do find her very pretty even without make up. shes very attractive on tv specially if its close-up. hay nako basta feel na feel kita alex. you deserve everything in your field and i totally agree that u do not rush ito falling inlove because there’s right time for everything. continue making us smile

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