A Dangerous Ocean Adventure on ‘Kap’s Amazing Stories’ this Sunday

Kap’s Amazing Stories dives into the deepest, darkest and unsafe part of the ocean this Sunday give you another mind-blowing episode.

Due to a volcanic mountain chain, which is about 45, 000 miles circling the earth, the Atlantic Ocean’s sea floor is separated into two. On one side is a chain full of cracks that releases water and different chemicals; added with pressure and a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius, many will think that there’s no one who could ever survive the said condition. Surprisingly, many bacteria manage to endure. While on the other side, one can find the Dragon Chimneys, a group of vents in the middle of down under, where Squat Lobsters (a kind of shrimp) and bacteria continue to exist.

Add to that, thirty-thousand volcanoes are said to be under the ocean and some are even taller than the world famous Mt. Everest when measured. Other volcanoes actually reach the water surface and many fishes stay on the area because of the planktons that eat nutrients emitted by the volcanoes.

Frigate birds, the lightest birds in the world in terms of wingspan, choose Ascension Island just to lay eggs. Female green turtles swim a thousand miles just to lay eggs on the said island.

Meanwhile, discover how many Krill, a small invertebrate, makes the big whale survive in its every day life.

All these and more are in store in “Kap’s Amazing Stories” this Sunday. Catch it after Pepito Manaloto only on GMA!

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