This New Filipino Musician is Dropping a Song Dedicated to Everyone Stuck in a Sticky Situationship

Manila-based singer Geoff Mabasa is gearing up to release his new song “Paramdam”, dubbed as THE song for everyone stuck in a situationship, bound to fuel your delulu feelings towards your nonchalant crush. 

Crafted with some of the members of the OPM legend South Border, and engineered by Awit Award nominee, Nikhil Amarnani. “Paramdam” sonically induces nostalgia to bring listeners back to core memories of the early 2010’s experiencing their first romance and heartbreak.

Artists and their fans today enjoy music that brings them back to a certain point  where they first experienced something special in their lives. Geoff wrote this song as an open love letter, and as an exposition to his form of romantic love towards another boy in his youth who gave him confusing mixed signals. Geoff hopes that the song will be appreciated as an anthem for those going through the motions of being held back in a situationship with someone that limits themselves to just Paramdam without any form of commitment. “I hope this song fuels up your delulu thoughts about your crush. Keep on dreaming, fam! Maybe you’ll surpass the paramdam stage and you’ll end up being together at the end.” 

“Paramdam” will be available to stream this July 26 on Spotify, Apple Music, and all music streaming platforms, and will be supported by a music video this August. Follow Geoff Mabasa (@samjopsal) on Instagram and TikTok for more updates.

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