Chris James Releases New Poignant Love Song ‘Roses’

HONG KONG, KUALA LUMPUR, BANGKOK, SINGAPORE, TAIPEIMulti-talented singer-songwriter Chris James is set to captivate audiences with his new single, “Roses”. An upbeat pop song that blends adult contemporary with bedroom pop, Chris James explores the theme of genuine love versus shallow actions, inspired by the realization that maintaining a relationship requires more than just superficial displays of affection over melodic guitars, a driving basic drum track, banjo, and piano.

He reflects, “I wanted to write a song about trying to maintain a relationship through surface-level actions, not realizing that the relationship just needed my attention.” As with most of his songs, Chris James has single-handedly written, recorded, produced, and mixed the track, showcasing his multifaceted talent and dedication to his craft. The song is written from the girl’s perspective, delving into the dynamics of a relationship where superficial gestures fall short of fulfilling emotional needs. The poignant chorus, “I don’t need no roses / No song for the pain / All I ever wanted / Was you to love me the same,” encapsulates the essence of the song.

Chris James explains, “Writing this song from her perspective helped me understand her feelings. She didn’t want grand gestures, just genuine love and change. It’s about the pain of unmet expectations and realizing that sometimes, despite caring deeply, things just don’t work out.”

Accompanying the release is a music video featuring Chris James running around a mansion, opening different doors with flowers in hand. This visual metaphor underscores the search for true connection and the futility of grandiose displays when genuine affection is absent.
“Roses” arrives just before Chris James embarks on his Asia tour next month, with stops in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore and Taipei. Fans can look forward to experiencing his heartfelt performances and dynamic stage presence during this highly anticipated tour.

Most recently, some of K-pop’s biggest stars ATEEZ’s Yeosang covered Chris James’ previous single “Don’t Forget About Me”, while EXO’s CHEN recommends “If Tomorrow It’s All Over”. BTS’ Jimin also announced his new album which features the song “Slow Dancing (feat. Sofia Carson)”, a highly-anticipated release co-written by Chris James.

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