‘Outside’, Starring Sid Lucero & Beauty Gonzales, is Launching on October 11th

Netflix Unveils Spine-Chilling Feature ‘Outside’ starring Sid Lucero & Beauty Gonzales at the APAC Southeast Asia Showcase in Jakarta, Indonesia

Horror lovers are in for a treat: Netflix is set to release its local horror feature Outside on October 11th, starring Sid Lucero and Beauty Gonzales. The title was unveiled in the recently concluded Netflix APAC Southeast Asia Showcase in Fairmont Jakarta, where award-winning filmmaker and content director Carlo Ledesma joined a panel alongside other creatives and Netflix content heads from Thailand and Indonesia to discuss the future of storytelling in the region.

Outside follows a family’s quest for refuge amidst a zombie outbreak that has ravaged their community—until old traumas resurface to threaten their very survival.Outside’s director Carlo Ledesma, a Filipino-Australian filmmaker, earned acclaim for his thesis feature The Haircut, which clinched the Mini Movie Channel Award for Best Short Film at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. He envisions highlighting compelling human characters, their intricate connections and conflicts, all while portraying the uniqueness of Filipino narrative to the world.Download the photos here

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More updates about this title soon.

About Outside

Logline: A violent outbreak forces a family to seek shelter in an abandoned farm house, only to unearth an old secret that becomes a far greater threat.

Release Date: October 11

Writer & Director: Carlo Ledesma

Cast: Sid Lucero, Beauty Gonzales

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