MMDA-MMFMP Celebrates Independence Day with ‘Freedom from Basura’ Initiative

Manila, Philippines – The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), through the Metro Manila Flood Management Project (MMFMP), proudly held its special Independence Day celebration event during the national holiday, themed ‘Freedom from Basura.’ This initiative was staged to further promote environmental awareness and encourage the community to adopt good waste management practices.

Event highlights for the special day included the following activities:Freedom (from Basura) Wall: Visitors were invited to write their commitment to a greener and cleaner Philippines on the Freedom Wall. Participants then peeled off a plantable giveaway from the wall and planted it in a seedling pot provided at the booth. This activity symbolized the collective efforts of Filipinos towards achieving environmental sustainability.

Role-Trash Trivia: Participants were given the chance to spin a roulette and answer questions or trivia related to proper waste management practices. The trivia questions were categorized into easy, moderately difficult, and difficult levels, offering a fun and educational experience for all ages. Successful participants received special prizes.

Segre-game Time: This interactive game challenged players to shoot blocks with images of different types of solid waste into the corresponding trash bins labeled for proper segregation. This engaging activity aimed to reinforce the importance of waste segregation and recycling.Displayed Products from Solid Waste Processing Technologies: The event showcased innovative products produced through various solid waste processing technologies. Attendees had the opportunity to see Eco Bricks made by the Solid Waste Granulator and Brick Making Facility, Cocopots produced by the Cocopot Making Machine and Decorticator, Compost generated by the Biowaste Converter, and Charcoal Briquettes and Lilipots created by the Water Hyacinth Processing Facility. These products highlighted the potential of waste materials to be transformed into valuable resources, emphasizing the importance of sustainable waste management practices.

“This past Independence Day, we celebrated not only our freedom as a nation but also our commitment to freeing our environment from waste. The recent ‘Freedom from Basura’ initiative reflects our dedication to fostering a culture of responsible waste management and environmental stewardship among our communities. By participating in these kinds of activities, we continue to collectively contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable Metro Manila,” said MMDA-SWMO Head and MMFMP Component 2 Project Director Dir. Josias E. Syquimsiam, Jr.

The MMDA-MMFMP booth was staged at Luneta Park for a whole day during Independence Day, as the public was encouraged to join in all the festivities and participate in the various activities designed to promote environmental consciousness and community engagement. Almost a thousand IEC materials were also distributed to around 500 booth visitors during the event.

For more information about the ‘Freedom from Basura’ initiative and other future MMDA-MMFMP projects, please visit the MMDA website or follow us on social media.

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