Benj Pangilinan and Angela Ken Work Together for the First Time on the Feel-Good Track ‘Nandito Na Ako’

The lilting pop jam was co-written by Benj with multi-awarded singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre and Over October’s Josh BuizonFilipino singer-songwriters Benj Pangilinan and Angela Ken channel the euphoric feeling of romantic assurance on their collaborative single “Nandito Na Ako,” out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

The newly minted duo concocts a soothing track that balances vintage Pinoy pop songwriting with youthful appeal. 

Benj reveals that during the initial stages of the song, he asked his brother Donny Pangilinan for a piece of advice on which artist could pull off the material as part of a duet.

“It was in that moment that he recommended Angela Ken,” shares the multi-talented artist. “He made me listen to her songs, and honestly, I was immediately blown away. Seconds later, I sent her a message.”

Angela, on the other hand, felt surprised and excited after receiving the demo from the fast-rising newcomer. Having worked with some of the most interesting personalities and creatives on this side of mainstream and pop music, the young hitmaker immediately said yes to Benj’s pitch, as she finds the song somewhat within her lane, yet captivating enough to draw her into the project.

“My most favorite thing was our recording for this track,” the charming recording star admits. “I saw the passion Benj has for his craft and it was very chill. It’s effortless, but it brims with so much promise.”

It also happens to be Benj Pangilinan’s first foray into writing songs in Filipino, which somehow challenged him as a musician.   

Benj explains, “I wrote the song with my Tita Felichi Buizon, my cousin Josh Buizon (frontman of Over October), Angela Ken, and another songwriter friend, Moira. Initially, I wanted to write a happy nostalgic OPM song, but as the project progressed, it naturally evolved to the song we have today.”

He adds, “We really wanted to bring back that nostalgic OPM melody while trying to evolve the music production through my personal influences and honestly what we felt the song needed at the time.”

Benj Pangilinan and Angela Ken’s “Nandito Na Ako” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. Watch out for the release of the music video soon via Benj Pangilinan’s YouTube page.

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