Bayad Drives Discourse on Business Innovation During the 11th Mansmith Market Masters Conference

Bayad President and CEO Lawrence Y. Ferrer joins the discourse on the “5 Skills of Market Masters Strategists” during the 15th Mansmith Market Masters Conference held on May 8, 2024 at The Fifth, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila. 

Organized by Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., a leading training and consultancy company in the Philippines, the said event gathered a panel of renowned industry leaders in the retail, healthcare, fintech, clothing, advertising, esports, electronics, and lending sector. 

Ferrer then shares insightful business practices as he spotlights the subject “Innovating Skills: Winning and Thriving in the Market Landscape”.

Essentially, Ferrer emphasized customer-centricity, data-driven strategies, leveraging technology, and corporate culture as the cornerstone of every successful business.

Ferrer underscores “Your customer is your north star. Focus on the customer and all else will follow.” 

“Innovation is not solely the responsibility of the Product or IT team. Everyone can innovate in their respective organization segments. It is vital to empower the workforce by enabling them to develop their skills, and by giving them a safe environment to fail and learn while recognizing their efforts.” added Ferrer.

Furthermore, Ferrer also presented Bayad’s enterprise payment solutions, supporting the country’s value-driven digital transformation.

“All our efforts in Bayad are anchored on our goal of helping both consumers and businesses to thrive.”, says Ferrer. 

For institutions interested to partner with Bayad, you may send an email at Bayad remains committed to providing nationwide coverage, comprehensive support, and efficient processing solutions.

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