Melbourne Airport Parking Tips For The Holiday Season

Excited about your holiday plans? These last few weeks must have been hectic as you prepare for your longed for break. You must have carefully planned dates and time, your destinations, modes of transport and flights, hotel or AirBnB bookings, bucket list of activities, raced through your shopping list and perhaps started packing too. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget one crucial element that can make your vacation stress free and convenient – airport parking at Melbourne. It can make all the difference to ensuring peace of mind throughout the holiday. 

Why Is Planning A Holiday Important ?

Logically, we all know the importance of planning, whether it’s a weekend trip or a long break. However, in general, we fall into two categories – either you often get bogged down in the details, or you’re the Big Picture person who doesn’t get down to brass tacks. Either you’re going to be completely stressed before you even set out, or you’re sure to have aspects of your holiday that you need to take on the fly. 

Planning is important because early birds often land the choicest deals when it comes to flights, tour packages and hotel bookings. You have a better range of options when booking your accommodation and this allows you to travel at peak holiday season minus the hassle. It gives you time to do your research, find out of the way destinations and zero in on unique experiences. There is no last moment rush where you have to simply take what’s available. 

Another vital aspect of planning is that you have the leisure to get all your paperwork  in order, ensure that you have the correct, up to date documents and prepare a tentative budget. 

Something that many travelers forget to plan for is the last mile connectivity between home and airport. How will you get to the airport? If you’re going away for an extended holiday, you will certainly have extra baggage. Traveling with kids, seniors or wheelchair users can be another challenge. Using public transport may not be convenient, rideshares are expensive and taxi services may not be reliable especially if you need to get through rush hour traffic. 

The smartest option would be to drive your own car to the airport, park in the available space and catch your flight.  On return, all you have to do is get into your vehicle and drive home. You get direct access to your terminal, and this is often a much more cost-savings option compared to other modes of getting to the airport. The focus is on finding parking that is safe, convenient and trustworthy. 

Clever Parking Tips: Melbourne Airport

There’s no doubt that airport parking is an amazing convenience. There are different options available based on your needs, preferences and budget at Holiday season is when airports across the world are at their busiest, and you may find it difficult to get parking at the airport if you haven’t given it enough thought well in advance. 

Experienced travelers recommend that you take it one step further and adjust your travel dates to avoid last moment panic. For instance, avoid weekend flights and take week day flights instead. You could get better access to parking when the airport is not clogged with holiday-makers. It is smarter to arrive earlier than strictly necessary so that you avoid congested entrances to parking areas, and also provide enough time to negotiate crowded counters and long lines. 

Turn off your mobile phones and keep them carefully in your hand baggage so that you don’t leave them behind accidentally. Ensure that you check the route and traffic congestion patterns on your GPS well ahead. Make sure you check the various parking options and compare prices. Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport is one of the busiest and most expensive in the country for parking. Choose a parking partner that provides transparent and affordable packages. Customer service is another indicator when you select a parking service provider. 

  1. Pre-Book Your Parking Slot: This goes without saying, but you’ll be surprised at how many people forget to pre-book their parking slots. They arrive at the airport just in time for the flight, and go through high-level panic and stress circling the parking lot looking for a space. Pre-booking also allows you to choose an optimal space that’s safe and well-lit, take advantage of early bird deals and discounts and ensure that you have a peaceful and calm parking experience. You can also opt for a Meet and Greet package upgrade if you have sports equipment, kids or persons with disability on board. Ensure that you use a well-established, reliable and reputed parking company if you opt for private parking. Check their website and read customer feedback and reviews before you sign up. 
  2. Don’t Forget To Lock Your Vehicle: This may sound like unnecessary  advice, but in the chaos of unloading your luggage, finding a trolley and ensuring that you have all your documents, it’s quite likely that you may forget to lock your car. Make sure you have the keys safely in your pocket too! Never leave keys in your car. Opportunistic crime is common in long term parking lots and miscreants are always scoping out unlocked vehicles that seem to have valuables in them. Travelers have returned to find their cars broken into and their GPS system stolen. Don’t park between tall and bulky SUVs that might give you trouble to back out of when you return. Melbourne airport parking has adequate security and surveillance but there’s always a chance that the clever crook could by-pass these. You could use a steering-wheel locking system for extra security. 
  3. Use Apps: Mobile payment apps are a big boon when you arrive at a crowded airport parking lot. It saves time hunting for coins to put into the meter. Many opportunistic thieves lurk around these areas and they could reach in through a rear window and make off with your camera or laptop. Make all your payments via your smartphone apps and ensure that you have a smooth parking experience. 
  4. Avoid open parking lots: If you’re going to be away for an extended holiday, it makes sense to choose a well-maintained, safe and well-managed parking lot. Open parking areas may be cheaper but in the long run, they could cause unnecessary tension. Theft and  vandalism are some of the hazards. Travelers have reported that they returned from their holidays and found that their vehicles were moved to street parking or a distant location to make space for more vehicles. Open parking areas are often located at a distance from the airport, and shuttle services are offered to travel to your terminal. This cancels out any advantage you get from driving yourself to the airport, because you still have to struggle with kids, luggage and more. Check the plan of the airport parking lot and follow the digital signs. If you have doubts, talk to customer service before you set out. 
  5. Beware of Scams: Stay safe while you’re in the parking lot. Be alert when you spot strangers approaching your vehicle. Never roll your window down or respond to unknown or unauthorized people. If someone seems in need of help, contact the parking security immediately, but don’t get out of your vehicle. Take a photo of your mileage and petrol gauge if you suspect that there could be theft. 

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