Maintaining Everyday Wellness, One Sip at A Time

USANA’s Advanced Collagen is a drink that contains Collagen, Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C.The Advanced Collagen drink is a refreshing way to support healthy skin aging, maintain skin elasticity, and preserve and protect one’s natural beauty.

You can simply sip back and smile with USANA’s Advanced Collagen drink.

USANA Philippines celebrated Women’s Month 2024 along with a special milestone in the company’s history: it marked its 15th year of offering science-based beauty products to the local market and helping every Filipina to become more confident in their own skin. 

To commemorate the occasion, USANA Philippines introduced a new product. The new release is Advanced Collagen, a daily supplement powder that, when mixed with water, creates a refreshing drink with a light pomegranate and citrus flavor. It’s formulated to help maintain nourished skin and hair so anyone enjoying it can just “sip back and smile” as their body absorbs formulated nutrients to help maintain one’s natural glow. 

The science of beauty 

Today, in a stark reversal of stereotypical beauty, women are focusing more on living a full life and becoming the best versions of themselves — at any age. They’re gracefully moving with the passage of time, maintaining a healthy glow, for far too long, has been associated strictly to youth. And USANA loves these women. 

By embracing the truth of ageless beauty, women are no longer bound to the number of years lived, but rather caring for their bodies. Don’t think spa treatments and pedicures, but rather the basic — but essential — building block of health: nutrition. 

USANA believes proper nutrients promote beauty on a cellular level, no matter your age. The secret is to access important nutrients that are difficult to obtain in diets — not in the needed amounts, anyway. 

And for skin, this means collagen. A key component in the cellular makeup of skin and bones, it’s made up of mainly protein molecules consisting of amino acids responsible for your skin’s suppleness and elasticity. 

When we’re young, our body naturally produces collagen. As you age, not only do you lose a good amount of it, but your body no longer produces enough collagen to keep skin soft and joints strong and supple. That’s why it’s important to supplement your body’s collagen production with whole foods or natural supplements through every stage of life. 

Boosting what comes naturally

It’s true collagen and other nutrients essential for skin and bone health are found in whole foods such as animal products. And yet, it’s always easy to create a diet with balanced amounts to maintain normal skin structure — especially when facing the ravages of time and environmental stress. 

Enter USANA’s Advanced Collagen powder drink. Mix one scoop into a glass of water, give it a quick stir, and sip at your leisure. You’ll rest easy knowing a single serving provides balanced level of thoughtfully sourced collagen, biotin, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. So live your best life. Let Advanced Collagen help rejuvenate and maintain your skin’s luster and elasticity for years to come. 


USANA (NYSE:USNA) prides itself on providing consumers the highest quality nutritional products in the world. From its quality nutritional products to its innovative skincare and Active Nutrition lines, USANA has proven for nearly 30 years why it’s a company you can trust. How about giving us a try? Shop at or learn more at 

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