Claim Your Free Ticket to ‘Sound of Freedom’ Here

Ringing the bells louder for “Sound of Freedom” all over the world, we are pleased to share with you this Sponsored Movie Ticket from Angel Studios.

In cooperation with TBA Studios and Axinite Digicinema (distributors of Sound of Freedom in the Philippines), the Sponsored Movie Ticket allows you to watch the movie for free at any cinema/theater of your choice.

Upon scanning the code, it will lead you to the site for “Request a Free Ticket” and an option for your preferred schedule and cinema will pop up.  The free ticket is a part of the pay-it-forward mission of the movie and as indicated, there are a limited number of tickets available and will be on a first come first served basis.

A network of angels have paid it forward, be a part of this mission and join the world in sharing the Sound of Freedom story.  Within the site, there are options to pay-it-forward and request for a ticket for your family and friends, give the gift of this inspiring story that’s moving people to make a difference.

We hope that you will enjoy the movie and make Sound of Freedom’s message that “God’s children are not for sale” be heard and seen by as many as possible.

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