Jace Roque Drops Dance-Pop Single ‘Casual’

Singer-songwriter Jace Roque describes the beginning of a situationship prior to commitment in his new single “Casual,” his first release with Star Music after signing with the ABS-CBN record label. 

“It is light, fun, and sexy, like how the first couple of months of a relationship usually is,” Jace on what “Casual” depicts. 

“This is also a love manifestation track, encouraging people to stop playing mind games and just get on with it. Admit what you are feeling, don’t hold back and allow it to blossom,” added the Awit Awards 2023 Best Dance/ Electronic Recording nominee for his previous release “Back to the Beginning.”  

The dance-pop song “Casual,” which he personally wrote and produced, is infused with Latin and Reggaeton sounds in honor of his heritage.  

“My family is of Spanish descent and my grandparents and their cousins are always reminding us to be proud of our heritage. This is my way of honoring those roots while staying true to who I am as an artist,” he said. 

Meanwhile, the single’s cover art symbolizes eternal love according to Jace. “In the single art, you can see a Celtic Love Knot in the background, a symbol that is also tattooed on my hip. It has two interlocking hearts that symbolizes the love between two people and the continuous line represents eternal love,” disclosed the electro-pop artist. 

Jace, also a commercial model and actor, already has several music releases under his belt, including “Sober,” “Day and Night,” and “Trust.” In 2017, he had a supporting role in the award-winning film “Across the Crescent Moon.”


Check out Jace’s “Casual,” now streaming on various platforms. It is slated to be part of Jace’s upcoming album.

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