Paolo Sandejas and Martti Franca Team Up For ‘Someone New’

In a world where relationships are increasingly nuanced, “someone New”, the new song by Paolo Sandejas featuring Martti Franca stands out as a poignant reflection on the blurred lines if you’ll pass on a so-called “situationship” or not. 

According to the artists, the song delves into the complexities of a situationship, where the narrator longs for more despite knowing the relationship’s casual nature. As they drive and contemplate, their thoughts become consumed by the blurred lines and their desire for additional time together. The lyrics beautifully capture the struggle between the heart’s desires and the rational mind, evident in verse “Driving down the road going 65 / I just need a little more time / You’re running through my mind / how you blur the lines / Won’t you take me to the other side”

“With each red light, they steal kisses, desperately seeking reasons to hold on and avoid saying goodbye,” Paolo explains further what “someone new” tries to depict.

Furthermore, the song lets you feel the desperation to hold on, even when the knowledge of an impending end looms, and when everything’s undefined and unsure. 

He adds, “Ultimately, the song encapsulates the universal experience of yearning for more in a relationship knowing it could only be a matter of time till they find someone new.” 

For sure every person who has experienced the bittersweetness of a relationship’s uncertain future can relate to this single.

Indeed, the song’s lyrics, seamless blend of evocative melodies and soul-stirring vocals from Pao and Martti will pull at the heartstrings of listeners. The two effectively mixed their styles and it’s a brilliant thing that they brought the best out of it.

Paolo Sandejas is also one of the chosen OPM acts for Spotify PH’s RADAR Artists of 2023 after dropping his BLOOM EP earlier this year. Make sure to stream “someone new” featuring Martti Franca on your favorite streaming platforms.  

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