Viu Announces Viu Scream Dates, 25 Original Series, and More Than 100 Shows to Debut in 2023

Viu, PCCW’s leading pan-regional OTT video streaming service, announced today the launch of Viu Scream Dates, the fan meet offering across its markets. Viu Scream Dates aims to extend the Viu experience beyond the screens to further engage Viu-ers by bringing the stars closer to their fans via live events and experiences.

This month will see Lee Je-hoon’s Vacation Fan Meet across three of its markets namely the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. For the next quarter, Viu is slated to bring Lee Seung-gi to Singapore and Indonesia, among other markets. Apart from Korean stars, Viu Scream Dates will also provide a platform for the local stars from its Viu Original series to further engage with their fans locally and regionally.

Janice Lee, CEO of Viu and Managing Director of PCCW Media Group, said, “In 2022 we hosted several events in various markets, which were very well received, and we see the pent-up demand for more live events and experiences post the pandemic from our Viu-ers. While we continue to focus on bringing a great lineup of content offerings to our audience, we aim to further enhance the value to our Viu-ers by extending our brand to related live experiences and creating exclusive digital content around these events that will bring even more enjoyment to fans.”

Viu also announced a slate of more than 25 Viu Original series for 2023, including Korean Viu Original such as Taxi Driver 2, Delivery Man and The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, all launched in Q1. Taxi Driver 2 is topping the charts across Viu’s markets including Korea, becoming the most watched show in terms of hours compared to all titles available at that time simultaneously in both Southeast Asia and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) on Viu, within the first ten days of its launch. Viu also debuted four local Viu Original series, Married Ex-Boyfriend (Indonesia), The House on Autumn Hill (Malaysia), Return Man (Thailand) and UBettina Wethu S3 (South Africa).

In 2023, Viu has also secured the rights to over one hundred shows that will debut on Viu. These include much-awaited local and international dramas like The Betrayal (Thailand), Unbreak My Heart (the Philippines), Themis’s Law School Class Room (Japan), Kokdu: Season of Deity and The Heavenly Idol (Korea), as well as variety shows including all- time favourite Running Man.

Marianne Lee, Chief of Content Acquisition & Development, Viu, said, “Our lineup for 2023 is all about being relevant to our Viu-ers. Our data shows that while there is content that works across markets, we have to look at each of our markets individually in terms of their content mix to ensure we are winning in that market. Our focus on content complements our vision of bringing our Viu-ers entertaining experiences on and off screen. Our content mix will continue to reflect our Viu-ers’ interests as it evolves.”

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