Lay Zhang Releases New Single ‘Nothing With You’

The words that hurt the most, turned into songs to soothe the heart. At the end of 2022, Lay Zhang has released the third song in his Missing You trilogy, ‘没什么能给你’ (Nothing With Me) on today, expressing sentiments of heartache and regret this Christmas.

Using the most heart-wrenching words in love as the groundwork for his music, Lay sets the scene with the stories from the hearts of the people, creating this trilogy of Missing You songs. As a singer-songwriter, he hopes to express music authentically; the moment clenched fists are forced to release, singing the bittersweet feelings of hurt and pain, with the tinge of relief upon finally being able to let go.

Going through the ups and downs of a relationship, the third track in Lay’s Missing You trilogy ‘Nothing With Me’ will be out on all platforms now.

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