5 Stories of Love from Rising Music Heartthrobs

There are many ways to express feelings to make your significant other feel extra special and one of the best ways to do it is through songs that talk about thankfulness, assurance, and unconditional love.

Let these music heartthrobs from ABS-CBN Music serenade you with their stories of love:

1. A track for someone who comes around and makes you feel brand new

“Mekaniko ng Puso” by Wize Estabillo:

“It’s Showtime Online U” host Wize Estabillo shares his excitement with his brand new love on “Mekaniko ng Puso.” The song talks about finding someone who will fix you up and have the wheels turning again.

2. A love song for someone who was there for you in good and bad times

“O Luna” by JMKO:

JMKO’s “O Luna” is an ode to the moon who serves as a light every night. It’s the latest release from the Kapamilya artist who specializes in R&B, soul, and pop music which is evident in his debut album “Prelude” released last year.

3. A song of reassurance amid an LDR relationship

“Herbal Tea” by Recio:

Recio’s latest self-penned track, “Herbal Tea,” is a soft hip-hop/ rap track that was inspired and dedicated to his partner as a way to reassure the person about their relationship despite the challenging distance between them.

4. A track depicting how much one painfully loves his SO

“Sana Ikaw Naman” by Archie Aguilar:

“The Voice Teens” season 1 contestant Archie Aguilar renders a heartbreaking narrative in his song “Sana Ikaw Naman,” where he chronicles the pain of not being loved by his apple of the eye in return. The up-and-coming artist was also a finalist of “Your Moment.”

5. A song that says that in the end, love always remains

“Love You All The Way” by KaixAaron:

Duo KaixAaron steps into a different light by exploring a more OPM sound in “Love You All The Way,” which gives listeners a different perspective on relationships facing hardships and depicts that at the end of the day, love still remains.

Feel the love this holiday season by streaming these songs on ABS-CBN Star Music YouTube channel, Tarsier Records YouTube channel, and various digital music platforms.

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