Kanishia Drops Confidence-Boosting Debut EP ‘Born to Cry’

Up-and-coming singer Kanishia Santos shares empowering life lessons in her debut extended play (EP) “ Born to Cry.”

“Born to Cry” contains six tracks produced by Star Pop label head Rox Santos. Its key track “Here I Am Now,” penned by Kanishia with music from Rox, focuses on living in the moment instead of dwelling on past regrets.

One of its lines goes, “You may say I’m a dreamer. Had to get it wrong to know just what I like.”

The EP opens with the upbeat single “Breakaway,” which talks about embracing one’s purpose and being brave enough to break away from the norm. It was released last June to serve as a teaser for the album.

Another track, “Carry On,” is an acoustic ballad about remembering the love of those people you consider as home and using it to move forward in life. “Days” meanwhile explores the hardship of losing someone and validates the pain of grieving during the healing process.

Other songs in the EP are “Knew It Was Coming,” which is about trying to see the good in people even though there are warning signals waving at you, and “Smile,” which closes the EP with an uplifting message of maintaining a positive perspective in life no matter what challenges may come.

Listen to Kanishia’s soothing vocals in “Born to Cry” available on digital platforms and watch the “Breakaway” music video on YouTube. For updates, follow @starpopph on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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